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Product Categories Report in 2015 of MusicalSea Company

Time:2015-01-14 15:04   Source:Angela   Writer:Angela Cilck:

A Brand New Year --- Product Categories Report in 2015 of MusicalSea Company

  In 2015, the main products of our company will be copper mini musical instruments and wooden mini musical instruments, and the new products - Orff instruments will be on line for production successively. Most of Orff instruments are music enlightenment teaching aids for children, and the main products are the xylophone, celesta, maraca, tambourine, bell, and guiro, etc. With various specifications, innovative design and exquisite workmanship, our products can be processed and customized according to customers’ requirements, and are exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and other regions.
  While launching Orff instruments, we will continue to improve mini musical instrument products. Now the main mini instrument products for sale are  Christmas tree ornaments,Miniature guitar, Miniature electric guitar, Miniature drums, winds metal instruments and others miniature decorative products, and so on.. All mini musical instrument products in our company can be customized according to customers’ requirements, and can be processed into Christmas tree decorations, necklaces, magnet decorations, brooches, photo frames, music boxes, and ornaments, etc., according to customers’ requirements. For product packaging, you can choose blister packaging, carton packaging or leather box packaging. The blister packaging and carton packaging are simple ones, so the prices are slightly lower than the leather box packaging. You can choose the product packaging freely.
  In 2014 the most popular products were mini guitars, mini violins, Christmas tree decorations, drums and copper products. Among all the most popular products, the copper product was the most popular kind, because it required high technology, and there were few manufacturers that could produce the copper mini musical instrument.  When a thing is scarce, it is precious, so the copper product was highly commended. 
  All products are equipped with shelves, and there are different specifications of wooden, copper and plastic shelves for customers to choose.
  In the future, we will gradually increase new products and new design to adapt to the international requirements and keep pace with the times



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